[SFM] TF2 – Grey Shades (Cult of Personality Edition)

Music: "Short Change Hero" by The Heavy.

I do not own the song, nor do I take any credit for the song used. The audio content belongs to their rightful owners.

Another side project is finished made for the heck of it, this time actually based on Cult of Personality. Like the original Grey Shades, this has obvious references to Borderlands 2's intro, which also uses the same song.

I started working on this many months ago and only recently I was able to get it done. Unlike my typical videos, this one has focus on animation quality so I hope this satisfy those who hate my terrible animations. This is also somewhat of an estimation of my full animation capabilities if I have the time and dedication to work on the animations. This is also possibly going to be the only video I make with an oWn FemSniper in it.

Hope you like this!

Credits to Valve for the game and this awesome tool. Credits also goes to AyesDyef who made the female scout model, Rebbacus and MaxofS2D for the reworked model and DustyOldRoses, her awesome voice actor. Credits goes to Maxxy, RoxyPox, Makani and VeLix for the FemSniper model and Izzy for her voice. Credits also goes to whoever made the Scout hood and hoodie. Also, The Heavy for this very awesome music.

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